G2007 Two Years On

On this day in History –

1793 – French Revolution disestablished christianity in France
1864 – Calcutta India, almost totally destroyed by a cyclone
1910 – Portugal overthrows the monarchy
1947 – First televised White House speech by Harry S. Truman
1966 – Partial meltdown of the Enrico Fermi nuclear reactor near Detroit, Michigan
1991 – First offical version of the Linux kernel version 0.02 is released
2003 – G2007.com is born sharing its birthday with Bob Geldof, Kate Winslet and Nicky Hilton.

So as a special treat, here’s a photo showcase of images you have not seen before from events in every single month since October 2003! Some are the photos are a bit ‘raw’ this is meant to make them feel more like a moment than an shot I thought about.

October 2003

G2007; a pipe dream.
The text ‘a message from above and below’ comes from the PI linear notes
< The site gets its first offical banner which inclues pictures of Cyprus, Egypt, Billy Corgan and London

The site is mostly talking about computers and ‘The Sandwich Game’, an ingenious gave devised by Matt and myself at work.

November 2003

Gin, Kim and myself head off to Madrid, Spain for a city break and it is not even cold and it was good fun!

December 2003

Nothing really happens on the site in this month. The lull of not having anything to write about begins to kills the site off. I do begin the process of creating HotZoup, an application to read RSS feeds on your desktop. RSS is just beginning to take off.

January 2004

I buy a digital camera!! The site gets some grapical content and I enjoy doing it all over again!!

Lights outside UBS Warburg in the City, on the way home with the camera!

I’m also doing crazy things like taking photographs of the computer screen on an ‘ipconfig /all’ setup (why would I have done that??) –

February 2004

Getting prepared to go to India and not really thinking about Australia much, India is the first hurdle! I go to see Melissa Auf Der Maur with Dipti and APC.

Melissa rocking it up in London

I also go back to Warwickshire to meet my buddies for the last time before heading off to India

March 2004

I go to the airport with my parents have an English breakfast with them, crush up my malaria tablets (still can’t swallow, this changes within the next two weeks) and the wheels of the plane leave the ground of England where I won’t return for another 16 months. I make some new Dutch friends and visit the Taj Mahal!

I work with my new friends and collegues in Delhi, India in our new office which we built from scratch

April 2004

I stay an extra month in India, the hotel I stay in begins to remind me of the film ‘Lost in Translation’ which I have yet to have seen (in March 2004).

Friday after work is fun night, we play pool at a fun house on the NH-8 back towards Delhi

May 2004

I arrive in Australia! I fly further away from India but it feels like I am closer to home. India was so different to here. This month was fairly fast moving, I moved into ‘someplace called Woolloomooloo’ and buy a 4WD Vitara with red wheels!

Sydney, Australia

I make some new friends by moving in with them. I get slightly concerned by their alcohol intake when I meet them at a party one weekend on Bourke Street –

June 2004

Lots of drinks and food with Jorid on Finger Wharf in Sydney

I also go to the Sydney Film Festival and see some great films, visit Canberra, take up fishing and look after Toni’s friends cat in The Rocks. I really begin enjoying not working, but am having trouble filling the time (this is all to change).

July 2004

Sydney days just get better and better! We go on a boat trip in Sydney harbour for Chris’ 30th birthday, Karoke for my birthday, and see 3 gigs practically back to back!

I take this picture of Andrew outside Showgirls in Kings Cross, Sydney (we didn’t go in, Andrew is just posing for the camera pretending to come out)

August 2004

I go to some gigs with Magnus and I take up surfing off the back of a dream I have. Magnus and Disraeli join me in purchasing surf boards! We have a day time activity to keep us busy! My buddy Matt also takes his cousin and myself up in a light aircraft over Sydney.

We take no lessons and have no idea what we are doing which is potentially lethal, but we are enjoying ourselves!

Andrew and myself go shopping to Glebe markets for a 70ies party!

September 2004

Surfing becomes an almost daily activity, Wes organises a Sydney booze up for ‘talk like a pirate day’ and we go and see Bonnie Prince Billy in concert.

On the road to another surf destination with Magnus, Dis and his girlfriend

October 2004

Brandom has to leave to start his job in Brisbane which was sad as he was a nice guy. Tiina, Rachael, Mike and myself go to Seal Rocks which turns out to be one of my favourite trips in Australia, and one I will make another 3 times in the hopes I will find the same amazing surf conditions (although I didn’t take my board!). The next 3 surf trips are not very good to Seal Rocks but that was not surprising as the first one was the best! The weather starts to get warmer and I’m having a lot more fun surfing in the warm months!

A surf trip to Palm Beach, Northern Beaches

November 2004

My buddy Gin comes over from England and we do a tour up to Fraiser Island and end up staying on Coffs Harbour for much longer than we have wanted to. Bought some tents as a last resort but mostly ended up staying at Comfort Inn which was very competitve in value!
Gin and myself on Fraiser Island with our huge Esky which contain numerous cheeses and snacks that made all the bus people jealous.

December 2004

Karine et Mark go on a round the world holiday and make a stop off in Sydney! It is also the build up to Christmas and New Years! Loads of parties and the treat of Lyly dressing up as Miss Santa Claus. A sad month as well because Magnus, Gin and Mark and Karine all leave 🙁

Karine, Mark and Gin at a Pizza place by Finger Wharf in Sydney, ‘stralia

My parents arrive in Australia on their world tour and we spend Christmas day near Shark Beach in Valclause!

New Years in ‘Stralia in spent in a bar very close to the Opera House where we watch the fireworks and generally have a really good time! Fizzer also arrives on the scene and I have a new surfing partner after the sad departure of Magus

January 2005

The start of the new year and the return from ‘stralia gets closer and closer! Efforts are doubled in the surfing stake as the water gets warmer! I for the first time, go to a party where I am the only English person! The rest are ‘stralians (and French). You can tell it was an ozzie BBQ from the amount of meat and fish on the barbie –

True Blue ‘Stralian Barbie

A trip down the Hawkesbury with my parents

February 2005

Andrew and myself make an unforgettable trip to the Sunshine coast, where I work out I can surf a shortboard! Yay!! So I go out and buy a nice 6’4 Dalhberg, just like the one I have but a bit smaller.We also do a lot more surfing, go to Tropfest, see Rufus Wainwright live, Seal Rocks and watch Shrek in 3D..?

Eddy and Fizzer at Tropfest

March 2005

I have an unforgettable trip to Yamba, NSW where we all surf, eat great food and generally have a great time. We also go to Huskisson, which again offers great surfing (too big for me I would say) and a great camping experience!

Jenni, Mike and Rach in our house at Yamba

April 2005

My last full month in ‘stralia! How quick did that go? I had to sell the stupid little car. We went on a boat trip down the Hawkesbury river, it was a really fun time.

Guys and gals on the river boat

The only time I cleaned the car was when I sold it! Unsurprisingly it had rust.

May 2005

4 days spent in Australia, 7 Days in Japan and the rest in Canada, my leaving party in ‘stralia was a Mexican place, it was really good fun. If it wasn’t for the site I would not remember the name of it, luckly it does so I know it was Cafe Pacifico! That was a good night out!!

My last night ever on my one year holiday to Sydney, Australia and it was spent at home on Bourke Street playing jazz guitar with Chris

A week in Tokyo, a really fun city with lots of things to see and do (I want to go back)

Next stop was Vancouver, Canada where I had no idea how crazy they were about Starbucks! I made a new friend Keri and her family in Vancouver, thanks to the Gurjinator in ‘Stralia.

June 2005

I left Vancouver behind and headed over to Halifax, Nova Scotia to stay with my cousins and tour the Maritimes! I also left Halfiax to return to sunny London, England.

On the balcony in the Maritimes!

Back to London to meet Mr Felix, Mark et Karines new little baby

After a very long gap in surfing, we had to get back in the game. Fizzer, Davey and myself went for a surf trip down in Newquay –

July 2005

July was a pretty full on month. Helped Mark lay his new floor in his new house, felt the office shake as terrorists blew up the train station next to us and various other points around London, went to casulty after creating a 2.5cm gash in the top of my head from being silly on the underground, visited Marcus who is now off travelling the world in Bournemouth, bought an Audi A3 1.8 Sport which I love but not as much as the Vitara and went to Mark’s stag!

Ed and Si help build Mark’s flat

A date to remember

August 2005

Lots of surf trips in August! The weather was fantastic and sometimes we even got a wave! We also went to the coast to see Marcus again and I headed off to the South West of France with the boys to hit Biarritz!!

Lets go surfing UK style!

Gin, Anders and Kim in Biarritz – nuts!

September 2005

Another surf trip (hey its got to happen) to Devon this time. The best waves in the UK so far this year! Of course it was also Mark and Karine’s wedding in Nice. It was also the start of my undisclosed travel which I am sure will be revealed sooner or later!

Catch the Bouquet!

The end! A rollercoaster two years, lets hope I can keep the excitement up for the next two!!!!!!!!