subtract. multiply. a message from above and below. my moleasskiss to your precious lips. don't think. just be my sweet sweet. two albums and some 27 other songs later-b-sices-complyiations,covers, soundtracks-this here is an assemblage of , well stuff. songs never meant to come out, some written with such high hopes.... all special to the heart. from sub-plop to wergen, here 'tis.sadness and happiness. SOOTHE-recorded in me bedroom at my old apartmexnt. you can hear te 7am buses slithering by. I used to go XX to sleep to the flanging car noises. the hiss that we had missed. i really only wanted this to be for me. but my friend said 'i really don't think you can improve on that. so i left it be. PLUMBE- a groover from from the iha file- assembled i - in same said bedroom and recorded only a couple days later in kerry's studio. another demo thing that turned ugly and mean and got released. we didn't have a bass so we 'borrowed' eric from deep blue dream's- -he never knew and were sorry we didn't tell you eric but it still sounds good. i know i wrote some of these lx lyrics waiting for my dad to pick me up from the aeroport. my boredom has outshined the sun. sometimes you don't spend as much time on the lyrics-ansX and sometimes they're better-more how you REALLY feel. SOOTHE- a song for my babies. children of the earth and such. i wanted to put this on siamese dream but i x whimped out. shoulda coulda kinda didn't but i love it anyhow, makes me cry.Frail and bedazzled- written for the monolith in 92-- we just never got around to investing the proper time into this lullabye we recorded this in about 1 hour, and i wished we had spent more time, but ... another X message(*2) from the me vs. rock file. wrote these lyrics in the parking garage where i used to live/rehearse. it was very cold in there- but quiet. you could hear the squaking tires at night, sounded like ghosts or something, but i wrote this message from me to me to you. infinite lost at word sea. WHIR--another recorded in an hour type thingers that has been in the box. part of the glynis lineage lineage-sweeet and saddness ive wasted all my years. i must have written that line a zillion times, it jus just ended up here. sometimes when i listen to this i hear who we really are. frail and gentle- it is what is. rock powerx100.. note scary ending we would play that part for 15 minutes dum-de-dum-de dum. frail and bedazzled owes a great debt to the band skunK, with who i ripped part of this song off. skunk was probably the greatest band that i ever knew/saw that is virtual: unknown-even less than the frogs. frogs. skunk. i miss skunk. blew away- BLEW AWAY- written by anXd produced by the man himself, welcome to james.quiet and cool and whispered. this is a beautiful song. the only song we have ever done that i was not 9did not stick my nose i nto)and i am glad i didn't. not to be confused with blue. and if you love her...pissant is one of the few things we have ever recorded live. done during the siamese drean sessions late at night and full of teenage pain. i made up all tese lyrics in 10 minutes got my raygun, got me an altitude, can;t help feeling somethings wrong with everyone of everyone of you don't know what it's about don't care rawk. kerry and d"arcy tried to talk me into putting this one hte album= and i was tempted, but no i just couldn't see it in there XXXX amongst the tall trees. not as much shade or room for the little ones. PLUME- plume features the maestro phase, on loan from matt s. if you subtract our two albums-there are 27 more songs, at least that have been released. there are another 15 to 20 to 30 hidden away but they aren't ven very good. i went back and listened to it all because i didn't want you to be bored, and i also decided to leave drown and glynis well enough alone. so ther are 25 songs left to choose from cause well whatever but of the 25 out there were 3 more hidden away. 27-2=30 27-2+30-30+3=pXXXXs XXXXXXXXX oonteen in all (count 'em)? fourteen. it akL all kinda goes together in some sort of wayhello kitty kat-now this song was a toughy because i really had intended to put this on that album. but the ghosts of gish said no no no so i left it alone kinda because i really destroyed the mix. my most passive aggresive song. say hello before you say goodbye i should go before you make me cry she wants to bleed every drop inside of me but i aim to please the little girl inside of me too you know i hate say i always stay i don't want to be like the others please who"s sorry now if is how you to love to love what you adore.skgjgdfbdgkjdgkjdgjgblghph hnb dbkej;eb assembled a somewhat continuitous collection of this. obscured is old because it was originally supposed to be on the lull e.p which was really supposed to be a single but they tricked me. written during gish recordings we have finished it and let it sit for 2 years and then it ca came out as the b side of today i in the uk. the darkland. so it was all my friends tapes and supposed to be on the next one but i swore i would never do it again re- recordone of our own songs because it is lame to do so. 1991.what a year. such a pretty song, sunday in the park music chicagofest. blew away has kerry playing drums cause jimmy was on vacation. landslide is a stevie nicks song. i fell in love with this song and forced myself to learn it XXX because i'm very bad at figuring out songs by other people. of course i learned it totally the wrong way and after it was recorde recorded jimmy from the frogs showed me the easier way to play it. this song is very revelant to my life at the moment still, and that is why i love to sing it. LANDSLIDE- was recorded at the bbc, not my most most favorite place to record. favourite place to record. they are still in 1971 but todd the producer man was very nice. the recording is way too hissy and we're sorry but it is the fault of the bbc, whose financial raping of us to use this song and sandoz almost didn't make putting these songs out possible. but it is here, STARLA-my friend aneta still says to me that this song should have been on siamese dream. but back again to that no record 2x rule. this was recorded at the same time as plume, and was also intended to be a demo, but we needed b-sides for our pretty XXXXXXXXXNX worthless i am one u.k. single (the dark continent) so in a way plume and starla were their own single if that make makes any sense at all. recorded over time, or recorded at two different sessions, one for vocals and solos and one for drums, etc,.another song with lyrics written at the last second. i wrote the middle part on the back of an eXXX envelope--serve yourself no one else can do for you like you and no one el else fails like me but in my eyes i i burn alive no more words just you and i high in the the sky--some of my favourite lyrics. better that i did not care soso played at 7am. listen for the police car going by. blue is the only gish outtake represented here. from the lull single! viva lull and remastered by our man howie for yer listening pleasure. yet another sad happy song from the o'corrigan file. i thought about using an acoustic version of the song for this album, but it seemed silly to have a different version of an unknown song. maybe someday. on tour forever, blue i lay with you this velvet morning sa stat stay with me for a while a million yeses and no's strewn across 6 long years. but it all adds up to something even if you are not quite sure of what that is. a girl named SANDOZ-from our XX slightly infamous john peel session. we of course showed t up expecting to meet john peel, but it's not like that at all. we were 2 hours late due to some technicak misunderstanding-- but we e we were treated so poorly bx thi by this idiot who used to be the drummer from mott the supple that it is probably *1 on our all time worst experiences list. this was originally recor ded by the animals roughly around the time that jimi hendrix went to england to become... well you catch my drift. vented thru to many years of out and out riffdom. this still sounds powerful to my jaded ears, i mean we meant it back then,, but that was long agoe. but that was long a go-go, so now listen hear, i want to be so oh so clear si so we only ended up recording 3 songs that day(siva and smiley too) because it was so uptight, but i'm glad we did tolerate that XXXXXXX mott the nipple that day even though i don't think we would now. i met this girl in dallas when we were on tour with the chili peppa's and that was where i got the idea for the name for the song because when she said her name i thought wow, what a XXX .great title for a song. 2 1/4 years late later i run into this same girl at a party and i say did you hear that song we recorded using your name, starla? and she said, no my name is darla but heXy starla, darla whatever it doesn't matter, so there you go. never trust a girl who ends up with well i can't say. i am very proud of all these sonis songs because they have persevered time and space and albums and most of all subjective opinion. yours truly included. LA DOLLY VITA-so old yet it is kinda timeless in a strange way. i think it is because it has a dignity all it's own. we also tried to re-record this for gish, but my heart was not in it. so many mistakes but the raygun is always on if i catch my assumption. mary's always on the shoulder and the devil has his pitch fork on that backside of yours. la dolly vita, true as blue shy sky, cool as ice cream the b-side of our second single recorded with buth vig. we recoreded this and tristessa on the same day somewhere in the past and it was also the first day XXXXXX we met buth v. still one of my favorite hidden songs, this brings b back many memories. sorry, a tad too personal. be careful what you say but be careful what you don't say. SPACED-is kinda hard to explain so i won't, but if you listen really close you can hear the 7 secrets of the 7 veils of apollo. part of the siamese desbris collection. thanks for being anf thanks for listening and thanks for getting angry and sad all at the same time. life is everything and nothing all at once-if i may filanthripize--1/2 and we hope we mean those things to you. till next sign billy c. somebody X comes up to you in a bar and asks them if you are who they think you are, and then you say if you know then i am and if you don't then i'm not.special thanks to everyone for their continued support and a %$&* you to those who will never understand love, peace, empathy, desire, mischief, and gladness 2007