Wordpress FriendFeed Widget

The internet is becoming more and more social and friendfeed provides a one stop location to aggregate all of your social data. For example, it can create a feed of all of the ‘things’ you do on the internet which include blogging, uploading pictures, bookmarking sites, favourting youtube videos etc..

I want to get this information onto the blog a lot like yongfook has done, thankfully friendfeed now provide an API and a man named Adrián Moreno has already started a wordpress widget.

I jazzed up his widget slightly so that is fits in with the scheme of this website, you can see it in the side bar under ‘LifeStream’ or by looking at the image below –

FriendFeed Lifestream

I knocked this up pretty quickly so you may be annoyed to know it uses tables rather than some elegant CSS div positioning and it also only supports the services that I actually use on friendfeed. But hey, that is why I’ve linked to the source – so you can add to it or redesign it completely!

Get the source here friendfeed_widget_g2007.zip 13kb