we’re happy in my blue heaven

The Blue Mountains do actually look blue but they look a bit more like hills. They are covered in Eucalyptus trees that release droplets of oil that when combined with dust particles and water vapour creating rays of light which are predominantly blue in colour.

You can see this in action, this picture was taken as the sun was going down at Wentworth Falls –

This is the Wentworth Falls, it took us about 15 minutes to walk to the bottom of them and a lot longer to walk back to the top, it was good exercise for surfing though!

This is the beautiful three sisters (the rocks sticking up) which look out over the range –

We stayed in a lovely house for the weekend called ‘The Straw Bale House’ (see link for more info). It was a magnificent place with loads of rooms and a spa! We went up to the mountains to celebrate Christmas and this was us all having Christmas dinner (this is the starter, a melon christmas tree) –

Overall a relaxing weekend away from city life! Highly recommended!!!!!!