Welcome to London

Back in London town once again. This is definetly full circle for sure now as I left the flat I live in around the corner about 15 months and 2 weeks ago. I am staying at my friend (and boss’) house in Shad Thames with their little baby Felix who is very nice and smiles when you look at him!

The good news is the SURF UK IS ON! I have purchased a surfboard, a 6’2,18 3/8, 2 5/16 Rodney Dahlberg Occy Roundtail, a shaper I am happy with and know is reliable. I spoke with a guy at Down the Line
surfshop who recommended me the board. I was apprehensive at first as I called for a 6’4 but they did not have any and weren’t expecting one for about 2 months. I told him my experience and weight and he recommended with the 6’2″ which will hopefully be a bit quicker in the water.

Here is a London landmark basked in glorious sunshine –

This is Shad Thames a nice little place with lots of places to eat and as Fizzer would put it, people with enema’s on their backsides –

I did some shopping down town for some very needed jeans, I ended up getting Sprout Surf DVD, Jack Johnson Single, Billy Corgan Single and a new work shirt. London is too expensive and its very easy to spend lots of money which is very annoying!! I still think Tokyo shopping is better…and more fun!!

Here is shopping central Piccadilly Circus, the only comparable part of London to Tokyo –

That is it for now….