I doubt I’ll have as much fun in this bad boy as I had in the Vitara (see here, here, here and here), but then again getting a Ferrari wouldn’t have beaten that car. Here is my new car though, it’s a lovely Audi A3 1.8 Sport with 2 axle rigid body and a petrol engine in brilliant red, I just took it on a little spin to Piccadilly Circus and back. It has a really nice sound system and a CD player. Matt at work also owns a car like this but it is silver, I am hoping now we can both meet up on Sunday afternoons and go for drives around the countryside in tandem and then stop in Tea shops and discuss the merits of different brands of engine lubricant.

Audi A3 1.8 Sport
Not available in USA or Canada

This will no doubt see a lot of trips to the beach, I’m going to keep this car clean though, not like the Vitara which was practically falling apart when I sold it!