Visit from the surf angel

Yesterday, Faisel and myself went to Bondi Beach (by bus and train as the car was still broken) – I carried my board with no bag, it is lighter that way and leaving the expensive bag on the beach is a big no no because it will probably be stolen. On the way back I mentioned I wanted to get some pyjamas for my surfboard so it would not be scratched lugging it around on the bus and train. This morning I woke and went out to get a coffee. On my door step was a surfboard pyjama case!!!! Here it is in action –

I ruled out Faisel earlier in the day based on his misunderstanding of what I was going on about. It may have been Matt Bass who has a pyjama for his surfboard which is very similar (maybe he had a spare one) – but leaving it outside would be a bit weird, we have a perfectly good door bell. Some of the homeless folk who live around my house might have seen me walking the streets with the surfboard and felt pity on me so gave me this one. Or it was a surf angel. Either way thank you anonymous surfboard pyjama donator!!