Upstairs at the Fitz

Last weekend was Mel’s 30th Birthday party, it was celebrated in true Woolloomooloo fashion with a right old knees up at Le Old Fitzroy. Bhanglassi were on hand to produce some tunes. The party was great as the theme was “wear something on your head” – Amy used a wig that she got for a Sin City party that we never made it to and I got a Davey Crocket hat from the fancy dress shop at Warringah Mall.

Mel sang a song with Matt half way through Bhanglassi’s set, it was very nice, here she is looking very Amy Whitehouseish –

Mel at her 30th
Mel singing with Matt

Later on that evening we ended up at the East Sydney, which is down the road from the Old Fitzroy but which seems to never close. Although I do remember it closing once but getting home when it was almost daylight again.

Here we are sans-head wear (apart from El and Al) after a few too many –

Mel’s 30, Lorraie, El, Al, Myself, Amy and Marcus
The Gang in the East Sydney

It was a great night and we didn’t have too much of a hangover on Sunday so we hit the Kayaks for the first time in a long while, paddled over to Reef Beach and enjoyed the blue skies that we are having!

Sooner or later we will get our own camera, thanks to El and Al for letting us lift these photos off of Facebook and use them here. Actually, G2007 is going to be going through a change, hopefully before its 5 year anniversary later this year. I don’t know if you have noticed (I have) but with the advent of Facebook and all these other social tools, blogs are beginning to gather dust. So, when I get some time, G2007 is going to change, for the better! Yeah!