University of Sydney and Haircut

Tag (my flat mate from Norway) took me on a tour of the University of Sydney. I planned on doing some work in the library but this never came about as we spent most of the time touring all of the buildings and looking in the museums that the University had (how come my uni didn’t have a museum!). This is a picture of me outside the Physics department with some pigeons –

We had lunch at ‘Ralphies’ which was delicious and then took a trip up to the library, which has free wireless access, so from Monday I will be using this as my office rather than the Ivy Cafe in the city. This is Graffiti Tunnel at the University, which was of course, filled with graffiti!!

This is lunch at Ralphies with Tag at precisley 16h32! –

Haircut: I received a rather disturbing message from Gino which read something like “I’ve had to do it, I had to get my haircut, it was just getting in my way” – so all bets with Gino are off. I think I may have won the wager, but I can’t remember if we had one although I’m sure it was £100, so I’ll be looking forward to seeing that cheque in the post. Anyway, I felt little guilt when I made the decision to let Tag cut my hair, she has done a very good job although I do now have a bit of a ‘bowl’ style and feel like I should be living in Sweden or even Norway maybe!