The Valentines Day Post

Ahhhhhh, its one of those great days, a great tradition. Lovers old and new, known and unknown send cards to one another. The valentines day card sent via the postal system, the only clue of its origin is the postcode stamp on the envelope.

I could not believe, when I looked in my letter box this morning, that my secret valentine had gone to the extraordinary lengths of putting my valentines card into a pre-paid envelope with “Important – this is not a circular” written on it!!

When I opened it, I was shocked and horrified to find that it was not a valentines card at all, rather a letter informing me I was in breach of clause 5 of the 1974 Credit Consumer Act!!

Ahhh, Happy Valentines Me.

Found this picture on BBC News of an Indian Bureaucrat, I wonder if my Visa Application is in there somewhere –

For the rest of the day I’ll mostly be trying to work out how I managed to make this much mess in such a short amount of time (although comparatively to the above picture its nothing) –