The Sandwich Game

This is a game you can play at luncheon with your workmates. It is not very complicated and can save you a lot of money on lunches no matter what the outcome. By providing a competitive nature, especially with work mates, you will find you will save more than 50% on luncheon costs through the week. This is how the game works –

  • On Monday each of you pick a luncheon wildcard. This is a clause that hinders the other person or helps you, for example, you could have a wild card that says “competitors main course must contain more than two fillings” or “competitors main course must contain meat”. You cannot have a wildcard that directly effects the price of the other persons sandwich. So you cannot say “main course must cost more than $4”.
  • Each particpant must buy a drink, a sandwich/salad etc.. and a desert (not fruit)
  • The difference in value of the two sandwiches is accumulative, meaning the total in price difference is totalled at the end of the week. For example, if Person A pays $5.50 for their lunch and Person B pays $4.50, then Person A has a debt of $1 payable to Person B. Of course, on Tuesday Person A might have a cheaper lunch than person B and thus the debt will be taken out of the $1 they already owe.
  • One day a week can be me-day. Meaning you do not have to participate in the game, this can be done via mutual agreement of use of wildcard allocation.
  • Luncheon destination and wild card usage must be declared at 12h00 hours and at the same time by all participants
  • Wild card declarations must occur at 10h00 Monday and must contain relevant clauses covering all possible discrepancies that parties may find.
  • Participants may bring in their own food/drink from home at any point. Other participants will still have to go to the shop of choice if it is the Person with the home made sandwich’s choice. Home made meals are valued at 1/2 the value of whatever the total cost of the person who had to go out to buy luncheon.
  • All debts must be settled by end of play Friday (or Thursday if ‘me-day’ is Friday)
  • We have played this game for two weeks now and our luncheon out goings for the week have dropped from approximately $50 to about $30!