The Rocks and Finger Wharf

The Rocks and Finger Wharf

How I fill the working week.

This is where I have spent most of the day when not doing any work. First off I have helped Tony and Heike move out of our flat and into their new places in The Rocks. For those not in the know, The Rocks is an amazing place to live in Sydney. It is like a tiny village right next to the City, just like Woolloomooloo but without the crime/homeless/drug dealers.

Here is a picture of Tony, their new cat (that Tony doesn’t like) and myself on their new balcony looking over the harbour. Beautiful.

After this I met Tag my Norweigan friend for lunch to celebrate the end of her exams. We went to a restaurant called Manta Ray. She is a bad influence when it comes to alcohol and we ended up having two of these strawberry margeritas –

That’s it.