The (Long) Road Home

This morning, in the blaze of a hang over from last nights gig at the East Village to see Gypsy/Punk/Jazz band Waiting for Guinness I worked out that I have approximately 80 days left in Australia. That is woefully not enough surfing time to prepare for Rip Curl Pro Pipeline Masters!!! Anyway, 80 days reminded me of Jules Verne’s 1872 publication “Around the World in 80 Days” (read it here). So today I booked a round the world ticket –

my only regret was that i did not get to know you better because i got too close to you
May 3rd 2005 – Sydney – Tokyo, May 9th 2005 – Tokyo – Vancouver, May 23rd 2005 – Vancouver – Halifax, June 6th 2005 – Halifax – London, Jan 6th 2006 – London – Singapore, Jan 9th 2006 – Singapore – Sydney – 28125 miles