The Entire World

The World was in Sydney Harbour this weekend, you can buy ‘apartments’ aboard the boat for between $750,000 to $3.6 mil. Or $600 per night per person!!!

The World in the Harbour

Friday lunchtime was spent as Asago, a great little Japanese place around the corner from us, here are my work buddies having a great time –

Japanese Style Lunch

Friday night, Amy, Simone, Stu, Nancy, Marcus and myself went to the Sydney Observatory which was excellent, the new telescope there was focused on Jupiter, looking at it you could see the lines in the planet! The telescope was very clever in that it moved with the planet so didn’t need to be adjusted. We then had a look through the oldest working telescope in Australia at a star and the guy had to keep adjusting it to see the star. Brilliant! The tour guide was really good as well as the 3D show of the universe.

Saturday morning the waves were low so it was a good opportunity to go down the beach and shoot the curl on the new mal! It was a really good time I wasn’t scared at all ( the waves were small ) and managed to catch a few. A Manly buddy was there, Russian, and I flukely met up with him in the water which was cool!! It was a liberating experience to go back in the ocean fearless and when I caught the waves it was an even better feeling.

Afterwards Rach and Mike had a BBQ in Bondi so we drove over there and had a great time. Tiina from Finland was over on holiday so she popped in to say hello which was cool! Also got the down low on Cooster’s boomerang house which he is building in Queensland.

BBQ Party Bondi Style
Mel, Cooster, Amy, Mike, Rach, Cooster’s Flatmate, Esther, Chris, Russian, Erin and Snappers

A great weekend yet again it ended too quickly. Good to see Fizzer has updated his blog with his trip to Ireland, which looked like fun, shame about the surf inconsistency, always the way! Also nice to see Andy from Birmingham getting into the blogging scene on myspace. I knew the day had to come when the village boys got into blogging.

On a side note I mentioned a few times about the Paris Hilton Naked scandal that rocks G2007, firstly, the dude that features in that Scandal is currently keeping it real over in China at the moment as a teacher, just got an update from Ian via email with a picture of his over flowing toilet and a mosquito bite on his foot….nice. The new scandal is that the inital Paris Hilton google image search has now sent the pictures two the number 2 and 3 slots as results, consequently around 2000 people a day who are searching for pictures of Paris Hilton naked come to this website. I have made the decision to put advertisements on the pages they are hitting to see if I could turn around any revenue, so far this month there’s been a total of 27,000 visitors of which 252 click on the advertisement, turning round a nice tidy profit of $6.91! Can’t give up the day job just yet!