The Corporation

The Corporation at the Sydney Film Festival was given an extra screening today. Having missed it on Sunday and Monday due to a hang over I was lucky enough to learn the window of opportunity had opened again.

The film is based on the definition of a corporation but gives both sides of the story, as it includes interviews with corporation CEO’s, of companies such as Interface a company that is trying to reach sustainability with the earth by 2020.

The documentary is similar to Micheal Moore style, he also appears in the film. At the end of the film Jennifer Abbott, the producer of the film took questions from the audience. It was a bit like the a special edition DVD brought to life.

The film brings up some serious issues about the corporation that in America is defined as a ‘person’ (you have to see the film to get it) and comes to the conclusion that a corporation fits the bill of a psychopath.

This film is great and gets a –

I also got this excellent badge which I will wear from now on –