The cities (my shoes) have been

Nike are a brand that promote corporate responsibility through sustainability on their website, I bought some trainers from (they don’t ship to Australia) – they are ones that are made from your own design, here’s the box in the living room –

New trainers NikeID

It’s pretty cool and with the AUD being worth more than the USD so a good price. PayPal offer shipping redirect from an address you supply in the USA, so when the trainers left the factory in Saigon, a mere 6832km from Sydney this is the route they took –

NikeID Purchase Route – Google Maps

In total the shoes have traveled around 34,000km, that’s only 6000km short of the circumference of the Earth! Here’s a nice picture of all the cities the shoes visited –

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

They started in Saigon, visited Tao Yuan in Taiwan, Pampanga in the Philippines , Shenzhen in China, Osaka in Japan, Anchorage in Alaska, Louisville in the midwest USA, Portland on the West Coast of USA, down to Los Angeles and finally.. Sydney!

If only Nike let people in Australia buy shoes the route could have been a lot simpler and better for the environment!