THC FC and Surfing

My new ‘local’ football team support goes to THC FC. This is the team that my flatemates play in. It is an Indoor 5s event that takes place at Sydney Uni. I am a pretty bad supporter of football so only actually made it down to see the final, which they sadly lost 7-3. Although the team did get some medals. This is them with their medals –

I eventually got some of the pictures that Hanna took of us surfing when we were at Manly (technically we were at North Steyne but I didn’t realise that one beach could be split into three sections and have three different names). This is Magnus and I in our early days of trying to stand up, we’ve come a long way since then…honest –

Gino arrives from England on Thursday and we are going up the coast!!! This will be cool. Expect lots of pictures and stuff providing I can find Internet Cafes!