Last week we celebrated Marcus’ birthday with a night out to Tetsuya’s. Tetsuya’s is a restaurant with a chef named Tetsuya. It is the fifth best restaurant in the world and the best in Australasia. It was booked several months ago to secure a table at this posh place.

It was a dégustation menu which meant we had 14 courses over a period of some 4 and a half hours! We also had some quality wines and champaign and a bill of $1200!

Tetsuyas Food

It was really funny when we first went in as we were all a little nervous as to what to expect. The decor is fairly simple as the main reason for going there is the food. Above is a picture of the leek and crab custard which was our third dish of the evening.

Tetsuyas More food

Fillet of Barramundi with Braised Baby Fennel

You’d think from the portion sizes that you’d still be hungry when you left, but surprisingly the good is pretty filling and you leave feeling just about right (especially after a few bottles of wine).

Tetsuya Food Again

Petit Four

One of the most memorable dishes for me was probably the Apple Sorbet with Apply Jelly Mont Blanc, which tasted like nothing I’d ever tasted before which was a nice experience. Sadly there’s no good pictures of us all eating there, we got some waiter to take a picture of the table and he proclaimed he was a bit of a camera boff, so he fiddled with the settings on my camera, took two photos and then said “I’m better with a Canon than a Nikon” – needless to say those pictures came out rubbish, he should have left it on “auto”.

A great night out, not sure what we are going to do next year, probably visit one of the top four restaurants in the world to one up it.