Tekken 5

I know I thought I did not have jet lag but that was clearly wrong. After having a lay down at 18h00, I thought I was in for a 1 hour nap; I woke up 7 hours later! So I have still not seen Japan at night, that is planned for tonight!!

Today I went to Harajuka where I had a look at the Meiji Jungu Shrine, that was very nice –

I then walked down a famous street called Takeshita Dori (pfff) apparently there’s no one under the age of 25 who goes down this street. I saw loads of funnily dressed Japanese teenagers/young adults down here, they have a very strange style. I also found a lot of surf shops which I went in and cried my eyes out looking at the beautiful surf boards. They are so expensive here though, ¥116,000 for a 5’10 board (about $1500 AUD) double the price of Australia!

I found loads of clothes that I wanted (and bought) 55DSL t-shirts cost ¥1000, about $12 or £5 so I bought loads of them!

Who said Tokyo was expensive? A Latte and a croissant comes to ¥232 in a normal coffee shop (not starbucks) which is about £1.15 or $3 AUD – I am sure Sydney and London are excessively more expensive than that!!

Cola doesn’t come in cans, they come in these weird little bottles, it tastes the same though –

I had to go into one of the arcades here, it is such as Japanese thing that I thought I would try it. I had a go on Tekken 5 and was playing against the computer (and doing pretty well) but then ‘NEW CHALLENGER’ flickered onto the screen and I was playing against the guy opposite me (who I couldn’t see). I got beaten pretty much KO PERFECT each time.

The surf culture here is huge, I did not expect that. I spoke to a guy in the Quicksilver shop (I was wearing my Quicksilver – Australia t-shirt) and he gave me the names of a few places you can surf in Japan. If I find time / work out how to use the train system I might give it a look. I wish I had my surfboard with me, but realistically it would have been absolutely impossible.

I had Sushi for lunch today (thanks to the guy who prevented me from putting something that wasn’t soy into my soy dish). It was pretty much the same as it was in Australia, although less expensive. Here are some Sushi USB devices (not edible) –

Right, I am going to do a major suitcase sort out now. I have bought 2kg of stuff and I am on the maximum limit I am allowed for the plane. This is going to get interesting.