Taryn and Wade’s Wedding

Amy and I left Sydney on Thursday night for the weekend of Taryn and Wade’s Wedding. It was a stormy day in Sydney and so was good to wake up at Amy’s parents house to find it a nice sunny hot day!

Amy and myself stayed over at Sam and Elliot’s house the next night where we got to hold baby Cooper which was great fun!

Little Baby Cooper in Booties

The next day Amy and Sam went to get the ‘spray on tan’ I was thinking it would be funny if they came back and looked a bit like Ross in “The One with Ross’ Tan“. When they did get back, it was a bit of a shock to see Sam and Amy looking like they’d just spent 6 weeks on the beach in Barbados! Fortunately the effect was not long lasting, in fact it was completely planned as half of it washed off by the next morning.

The next morning we went back to Amy’s parents house where Taryn was already getting ready for her wedding to Wadeo later on that day. I spent the rest of the morning watching everyone get ready.

Sisters with the hairdresser / make up lady

When the time came we drove to the Marriot Hotel and the official photographer met up to take photos of everyone –

Photograph of the photographer and Amy’s dad and Taryn

We saw about two other brides whilst waiting for the cars to come to pick everyone up funny when most days you see none! When the car came I was lucky enough to ride shot gun in the brides vehicle. This is my favourite photo of Taryn –

Taryn as bride in the nice cars

The wedding was at Eves on the River in Brisbane which was very nice, the sun was shining and there was a light breeze. It reminded me of Karine and Marks wedding that I went to just over a year ago.

Here are the bridesmaids Amy and Sam, Wade-o and Taryn at the ceremony –

Wedding on the River

Amy’s parents and the party

The evening went down with a couple of speeches, cutting the cake and some lovely sea food. I had the chicken for dinner which was very nice and I also made some friends on the table I was sitting on which was nice.

The next day Amy and me went down to the Gold Coast, which I hadn’t been to before. It was the eve of the 5th year Anniversary of September 11th so we went up the world’s tallest residential tower, the Q1 Tower in Surfer’s Paradise, which also have the fastest elevators in the country at 9 meters a second and is the 20th tallest building in the world. This is what it looks like from the 77th floor –

Gold Coast Scrapers

Afterwards we went down to Burleigh Heads beach, it was a bit of an overcast day so no surfing or swimming today. Here is the Burleigh Heads beach looking back at Surfers Paradise –

Burleigh Heads Beach

Afterwards we made a quick visit to Amy’s Beach Nanny and then went and had pizza with Amy’s family to celebrate Sam’s birthday and wish Taryn and Wade-o happy holidays as they flew off to Thailand for their round-the-world honeymoon!