2021 New

Posts that I've created in 2021 for things we did between 2017 and 2020 that I never found the time to create at the time!


Well we all had to go in lockdown in March 2020 in Australia. We spent the time in Palm Beach doing what everyone else was doing, playing board games, computer games, PE with

Bali Badung

We decided that we'd go back to Bali for a holiday now that Oscar and Evie were getting older we (thought) it might be easier. It wasn't but it was still a really

Vomo 2018

Another year, another Vomo trip! We have not found a better place to stay! This time we went with Beach Anma and Poppy and stay in the 'BeacHouse' - I liked called it

Wolgan Valley Bike

Wolgan Valley is an awesome eco-resort style hotel that we visited. It has lots and lots of animals. Because we live on a main road Oscar doesn't get much bike training but he