Sushi Suma!!

Brandom (who lives at the other house and is from Texas, the lone star state, he should be an ambassador from Texas as he is not the stereotype cliché of a gun-toteing, oil guzzling, country crushing American) is leaving to move to Brisbane where he starts his new job. So last night we all went out to celebrate. Matt also got a job that saved him from having to go back to the UK so it was cause for a celebration. First we started in the Old Fitzroy where Brandom did his trademark ‘car bomb’ – this is in real time –

We then moved on to a place called ‘Sushi-Suma’ that is probably the most popular Sushi place in Sydney. We had to queue outside with the rest of the common folk for 20 minutes before we got a table –

The food was really nice, although I am not too big a fan of raw fish it was still good. It is fairly cheap as well, here is some Sushi stuff in a dish –

We them moved on to the Cleveland bar where Brandom and Matt had more ‘Car Bombs’ and Tequilas!!!

A great night out I would say which is typical for this great city!!!

Off surfing now, I may even get a picture standing up today as we are all going up to Palm Beach (Summer Bay) for a nice day out!!