Sunny London

I have surfboard, tent, sleeping bag, transport, campsite and attitude….all we need now is a wave, which is looking a little bit dodgy. There is no low pressure over the Atlantic this weekend, its all high and is making the weather in London about 30 degrees day in day out (which I can’t complain about really). Here is the group I work in. Mark, Matt, Dave and myself looking very corporate (maybe not Dave) on the roof of our building –


And here is the view of ‘The City of London’ from the roof of the building

The rocket shaped building in the middle is the Swiss Re Tower. The outdoor window cleaning device does not work because the two beams that the window cleaner robot is connected to are independent and are effected by winds that make the building move. A design flaw if ever I heard one. The building to the right of that is Tower 42, the tallest building in the City of London (not London as a whole). To the left of that the weird inside out looking building is Lloyds of London.

Rock on the weekend!!!!!