Summer Holidays 2022

Summer Holidays 2022

Well really it should be called 'school holidays' as that is what this post is about! It's 8 weeks of holidays for kids but they've already had unofficial holidays so it feels like a lot longer!

Amy planned a lot of fun things for the holidays so here's a little bit that happened!

We went to Wolgan Valley at the start of the holidays, it is very unique to NSW there's no where else that is within driving distance that is like it. It is quintessential Australiana as you get to see all sorts of animals!

Oscar and Evie on Horses

Oscar and Evie went on their  first ever horse ride (Evie had ridden ponies before she kept telling us). They really enjoyed it and want to do it again next time they go.

Bike Riding and Scenery of Wolgan Valley 

We came back to Sydney where we had an insane storm. The car was unlucky parked next to a tree which totally smashed it up. It is still being repaired annoyingly it takes ages to get them fixed.

Looks like it's just sleeping on the roof but it totally smashed it up.

For Christmas we went to Brisbane which was harder than it sounds. We had to get all negative PCR tests but it coincided with everyone trying to get PCR tests. Luckily we got the results 15 minutes before we had to leave for the airport. We didn't take any risks on the plane!

No COVID thanks

Evie got to hang out with Mintie as she loves dogs.

We got back to Sydney and then spent a large portion of the holiday in Palm Beach. Everyone else in Sydney also decided they wanted to come to Palm Beach as well so it was very busy. We were use to the lockdown days of being the only few people around. The new 15hp engine on the boat makes it so much more fun, Oscar wants to go on it constantly but poor Evie gets smashed at the front as it bounces over the waves. We did an early morning trip for coco-pops at The Basin

Basin Coco-Pops

We then went down to Bangalay Villas in Shoalhaven Heads with Paul, Lorraine and Molly which was a nice break. The food down there is amazing at their restaurant which you don't expect because it's in the middle of nowhere.

Oscar bag boy at Bangalay

Then it was back to Palm Beach where Elmo the dog's owners let Oscar and Evie pick vegetables from their garden they were delicious!

Oscar got massively into fishing after a trip to Currawong beach to see his friend Max who was staying there.

Currawong Beach Fishing

We then did a trip up North to Bannisters Port Stephens for a few days where we spent most of the time just sitting around the pool and ordering food. We did go to a toboggan run that was good fun it had a arcade it felt like 1990 again

Fun water games

We also did the walk to Shark Island which involves crossing a Tombolo which I think is really fun and unique. There was a bit too much water going over it but Evie really wanted to cross so we did it anyway -

Evie and the Tombolo

Then guess what it was all over and back to school which was fine by Amy and me.

Back to school