So, you think you can Dance?

Last Sunday Amy and I hosted dinner for Nancy, Lorraine and Marcus around our house. We cooked the same thing that we cooked on Valentines day for our guests as we knew it was tried and tested and wasn’t going to explode in our faces if it went wrong.

Anecdote: I once cooked dinner for Karine and Mark in London and used green pepper which I thought I’d try out before they arrived, anyway it ended up being so hot when they arrived I was still no where near ready to serve dinner and had yogurt all over my face to try and cool down the burning from the chilli on my mouth and lips.

This dinner party went off very smoothly even if we did cook the food 40 degrees hotter than we were supposed to, woops. I gave Marcus tomatoe sauce with ice cubes as a starter but he didn’t like them.


Marcus, Nancy, Lorraine and Amy enjoying Dinner

Afterwards “So You Think You Can Dance” was on television and it is necessary viewing for Amy and Lorraine so the girls sat around watching that whilst eating chocolates.


So You Think You Can Dance Required Viewing Plus Chocolates

That night I had a go at making melon cocktails based on the previous nights dinner at Rosie and Sean’s house where melon martini was the order of the day which was good fun and went down well!