Slosh Ball

Slosh Ball

For Marcy and Chris’ Australian Wedding we had a game of Slosh Ball in Centennial Park. Slosh Ball is the same as Kick Ball which we’ve been playing for a while now thanks to being introduced to the game from the USA.

Slosh ball is slightly different in that a new rule is you have to have half a glass of liquid (preferably beer) in your hand at all times, which makes catching the ball (the idea of the game to get someone out) a lot more difficult.

You should also wear appropriate footwear at all times something that Amy, Lucy, Leisa and myself didn’t do. Here’s Lucy kicking the ball and loosing a shoe at exactly the same time –

Lucy Kicking the Ball and Loosing a Shoe at the Same Time

At lunchtime we had a picnic and enjoyed ourselves as much as we could before kickoff for the second part of sloshball.

Here’s the wedding party themselves with their special his and hers sloshball cups –

The bride and groom (not in that order)

We finished the day with more sloshball and some chilling out on the rugs. It was an extremely good fun day!

Me in Sloshball Action

On a separate note Amy went to Perth for work last week, I have not been there but if this photo is anything to go by I certainly won’t be driving when I get there –

Can’t believe this got signed off by the building manager

Until next time!