Shark Alarm!! Woah!!

At the beach yesterday and surfing the southern end of the beach in what can only be described as rubbish waves (bumpy, wind chopped, dumping, ever since the wave of my career I only really want to surf the waves that I caught it on), I am the furthest out with some other guys on mals. A siren rings, the guys look at each other and say “was that a shark alarm?” a little bit of apprehension fills up inside of me then a voice comes over the loud speaker system “there’s a reported shark spotting everyone get out of the water” or something to that effect. I only heard the work shark and began paddling back to the shore in true “help i’m being chased by a shark” fashion (arms flaring out and feet kicking like mad) with the other 3-4 guys that were in the same area as me. It was funny because I was surfing almost in a rip (the waves were rubbish and it was the only place where there was a peak) but still managed to get back to the shore within about 20 seconds of the word ‘shark’ being broadcast. The beach was closed for the rest of the day (reported shark was upgraded to confirmed), although surfers were going back in, I knew if I went back in I would just be looking for sharks rather than waves, so I caught the last Manly Jet Cat back to the Sydney (much better than the Manly Ferry, it costs an extra $1.90 but only takes 15 minutes).

Not yesterday but no doubt similar if i’d looked back, a nice wave if you ignore the shark!

That evening we went to a undisclosed bar at an undisclosed location in Sydney (I cannot reveal the location because my flatmate might get into trouble for giving us double of everything and for half the price). I made this diagram using the new drawing feature in MSN 7 (it was actually in 6 but limited to tablet PC users I think) for Anhdres, I thought I’d use it here –

BillyCorgan.Info, the news website for Billy Corgan has just passed the 100,000 visitor mark. If I had a dollar for every visitor that came to the site I’d probably be a millionaire by now!