Seeking Surf Therapist

So after the unsuccessful surf experience I made my way back to downtown Vancouver where I saw a crowd of people queueing to get into the cinema to see the new star wars. They were dressed in their special geek clothes and one guy was even reading out Star Wars Trivial Persuit questions to the crowd. There was even the token uber-geek sitting in his camping chair with a laptop.

In the afternoon at the hostel I managed to hang out with some surfers. They are an easy crowd to spot because we all wear something surf related and all look pretty miserable when surfing isn’t happening.

I had my quicksilver beanie on and a t-shirt with a surfboard on it, another guy had a billabong cap and ‘let there be waves’ written on his t-shirt and the other guy was wearing a volcom t-shirt. We were all ‘grounded’ by the crazy storm like waves that were coming in today and with no look of improvement (gale force winds forecast for Van Island tomorrow) we just sat and talked about surfing whilst I waited for the bus to drive me back to the ferry. One of the guys was from Southern Ireland and he had some real interesting stories about surfing all around the world. I always fancied surfing one of the small Islands like Fiji or Indo and asked him what it was like and he told me it was very scarey (reef bottoms etc.. etc..), I told him I’d surfed reef and it didn’t scare me (I didn’t tell him it was with Fizzer at Seal Rocks in 0.2ft surf). I reminisced a lot about Australia surfing with them and after the debacle of trying to surf here in Canada I’ve come to realise how lucky Australians have it on the East Coast. So let this be a lesson to you all if you are reading this at home in Australia on a nice sunny day… get to the beach and on the waves because you have it better than anyone else in the world!!!

Although at the moment it is going crazy in Sydney for surf, I checked out the surf report and saw this picture from this morning –

Deewhy Offshore Explosion (Credit: RealSurf)

Oh well there’s more to life than surfing… I just can’t think what right now!