Seal Rocks 2006

One of my favourite camping places ever is Seal Rocks. Thirteen of us ( yes, Thirteen ) went up there for the weekend. Boards and tents packed we were off at 05h30 on Saturday morning. Amy, Nancy, Simone, Esther, Rachael, Mike, Jon, Lunni, Dan, Chris, Marcus, Stu and myself.

Some of the crew went up the night before and as so managed to score a good spot right next to the sand dune. Here is a picture of Esther and Chris’ moving advertisement smart car –

Seal Rocks Dune

Not many waves going down at the Rocks, it was 6 foot message and blown out on Treachery Beach ( which it always is ) and non-existent on Seal Rocks beach, still went out anyway it was fun. The next day it was a bit bigger and I went out, caught a wave and got whiped out, the first proper whiped out proper with the full topsy-turvey underwater rolling. It was good to go back to that as it hasn’t been since the shoulder injury that I had that happen! Amy and some of the other gang had headed off to a festival in a nearby village whilst Marcus and I went out in the water.

The first night we had a nice few drinks and all made our own food on the bonfire which we converted into a BBQ after we ‘borrowed’ a caravans hot plate! It was musical instruments galore as well with guitars, drums, cow bells and shakers!

Just before we were about to set off for packing up the next day, Mike spotted a pod of Whales with their calves in the bay –

Whales at Seal Rocks!

To get an idea of the size, Dan’s mate Lunni did a mission paddle out in his Kayak to get a closer look at them –

Lunni and the Whales

It was a nice little weekend but a bit too short! The bad news is that Mike appears to have got ticks, I’ll say no more. Sunday was also the start of Australian Summer, with the clocks going forward its time to enjoy some late evenings, which means the possibility of after work surfing as well as nice walks down the beach with Amy.

Driving home at the start of Australian summer time

That’s it until next time!