Saving Money on the Phone

Recently we entered a battle with Telstra to give us our money back for the cross lined telephone usage we were having. Someone in the neighbourhood was connected to our phone (we could hear him talking at the weekends to his mates) and we were getting the bill for it.

Even after weeks of battling with Telstra and it getting pushed to managers, our phone bill was never really refunded fully, which is what we were expecting. We got bits and bobs back until I’d lost track of what was going on, as long as I was ‘happy to close the issue’ they didn’t really care.

In the process of someone else getting free phone calls to Spain, England and Australia courtesy of us we blocked all out going calls on the phone. We’ve left it switched on and have recently bought €10 ( $16 ) of credit to make calls with. using SkypeOut, a service of the Skype internet telephone tool.

So far we’ve made two phone calls; one to England and one to Australia and it has only cost €0.04! Much cheaper than Telstra would ever offer us!

Skype Out

Go here and have a look at the pricing.