Russell Crowe isn’t homeless

Whilst at Toby’s Estate Coffee House this lunchtime with Andrew and Chris. Chris decided to bring his camera down, it is an EOS 300D so it looks fairly professional. I was taking a photograph of my ‘Woolloomooloo Latte’ with Chris’ camera when I noticed a suspicious looking bearded man with a hat and shades on looking over in our direction from about 2 metres away. There are a lot of homeless people that walk around Woolloomooloo and I just thought it was a homeless person who was probably going to ask us for some money or try and steal the camera. Anyway the guy gets his coffee and then steps into a Bentley parked outside. It was only when Chris mentioned it was Russell Crowe did I put the facts together. If I had moved the camera up slightly while taking the photo of the coffee the situation could have got pretty nasty as Russell has a reputation for being a fighter (2). However, we could have also made an absolute fortune selling the pictures to ‘Hello’ or ‘OK!’ magazines.

Here is the picture of the latte. The yellow arrow points to the direction where RC was standing at the time. If you like, this is a photo of a latte as witnessed by the film star –