Riding Giants

This is a film about the history of big wave surfing. From the good old days of Greg Noll surfing long boards on big waves to current day heros like Laird Hamilton flying down the face of Jaws from his tow-in. The film was really interesting, talking about the history of big wave surfing and showing some very scarey wipeouts. Only really scarey horror films make me feel as tense as I was watching people get smashed by 30ft waves. I don’t like 3ft wipeouts!!

Anyway, I rate this film –

Visit the Riding Giants homepage for more information about it.

Whilst in the cinema I bought this drink from the shop next door and it is probably the second best thing to come out of Taiwan (after cheap RAM) –

Hey-Song Sarsaparilla

Sarsaparilla – Originally derived from the dried roots of tropical smilax vines, this flavor is usually associated with a carbonated drink popular in the mid-1800s. Today’s sarsaparilla products—including the no-longer-popular soft drink-use artificial flavorings. (hungrymonster.com)