Rach and Mike's Wedding

This weekend we went down to Boderee National Park for Rach and Mike’s wedding. We left Friday night and drove down in some gale force winds that were really driving into the car. My concern was the wedding would be as windy as the stag the week before but it wasn’t. We arrived at the house we were sharing with Esther, Gaétane, Mel, Chris, Cooster and Snappers which was right on the beach in Vincentia, it was very nice.

I got down to Green Patch where the wedding was being held a couple of hours too early and parked in the wrong car park so it wasn’t for a while until I found anyone (I went earlier as I was filming the wedding – Amy came down later and so got to have a lay in). The weather was overcast but this was perfect as it didn’t make it too bright for the ceremony.

Rach and Mike Getting Married at Green Patch

The beach wedding was fantastic and there wasn’t anyone else on the beach at the time (it was an 8h30 service). Josh did a fantastic job in conducting the ceremony and there were some great readings from Erin and Matt –

Matt doing a reading with Rach, Josh and Mike

After the reading champagne and orange juice was bought out with some Croissants, Pain au Chocolat, Almond Croissants and another pastry based pastry. There was quite a lot of them and not enough of us so I had to eat four which was fine as we had not had breakfast yet!

Amy and Me at Green Patch Wedding

After the great ceremony we went back to the house to chillax and ended up having a sleepy before waking up, getting something to eat and then heading to the homestead which was also in national park, 13km down a dirt track which would have been great for a rally car although the Vitara was fine.

The homestead was by the Sussex Inlet and had a colonial feel to it as we wondered around the gardens drinking tea and playing croquet and lawn bowls.

Lawn Games at the Homestead

A jazz band was also playing and Beatlassi did some Beatles songs whilst we sang along which was good fun. Rach and Mike then turned up on a boat and we drank champagne to celebrate there arrival – very good fun.

As the sun set we moved into the tent where dinner was served – a delicious combination of fish, meat and salads. We then had little cup cakes for desert and the beers and champagne were still flowing when the DJ and drummer Rach and Mike had hired started the party.


Dinner and getting ready for the speeches

Rach’s Dad did a speech and so did Mike’s brother Darrell which was very funny indeed, Darrell later told me that night he was “writing cheques he couldn’t cash” which is my new favourite one liner.

Disco Fever!

It was a fantastic night and a great wedding which was very relaxing and chilled out which I think was just what Rach and Mike wanted which was great.

The next morning we woke up and had to be out at 10am which was a challenge. Lorraine and Matt cooked breakfast in the house opposite us where we went over to and then we went down to Cave Beach which was looking really nice. I tested out Amy’s waterproof camera in the surf and didn’t loose it but didn’t really get any good pictures but I’m working on it.

Cave Beach and Amy

A great weekend! Off to the Gold Coast tomorrow. Good luck to Nance and Marcus who are getting married tomorrow about 16,000km away!