This blog entry is a copy of an entry posted at the official Australian Kick Ball Down Under blog. Kickball is a game invent in the USA in the 1940ies that is a lot like baseball except the ball is rolled along the ground towards you and you kick it with your foot as hard as you can.

5th of July saw the Sun shining in Sydney, Australia for the third game of the season. A slight change of location due to our normal field being used for a concert. Who do they think they are? The sun was shining and some of the more sensible members of the Sunday afternoon kickball elite were warming up –

The all important warm up.

Sunday’s game was the first to have official kick ball sanctioned supporters, which included Dr. Roberts, Lorraine and Bo a German Shepherd dog.

A few new faces for me at least, at the game who’s names I’ve all but forgotten but very good to see a good turnout. After a few weeks of playing you can begin to see the development and advancement of the teams as tactics for kicking, passing and hitting are used to outwit the opposing team.


After a promising start both sides succumbed to injuries, a couple of quad tension injuries, a knee injury and general bruises caused by a realisation that no one is under the age of thirteen, the median age for kickball in the USA.

After a good couple of hours of kickball with lovely sunshine and no wind we retired to the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel for Nachos and cold drinks to celebrate our kickball achievement.

Kickball LA Paparazzi Style

I believe the heads of Kickball Australia were talking about a “one week recess” which for non-Americans means there will be a gap and kickballing will resume at 13h30 on the 19th of July. See you there. Peace.