President Obama

Many people I know including myself are happy that Barack Obama is the new president of the United States of America today.

The huge turn out for this election and especially within the younger than 30ies age group is fantastic and is a turn around from how I thought the world was going. In my opinion it doesn’t really matter who runs a country as long as it is choosen by the people who live in it (i.e. a democracy) and that those people continue to get a say in it which I don’t think was always the case with the previous US government (which no one is still really sure if they actually got elected 8 years ago).

President Barack Obama Attribution: jmtimages

What really interested me about today is that I found out that Obama had won not by watching a news report in the television but from the everyday people of the world via twitter –

New Television

You can see the election page and what people are still talking about on twitter at

On a side note I hope the democrats can sort out the current financial crisis as it was the democratic party that contributed to us getting into it in the first place (read: Would the last honest reporter please turn on the lights?).