Potts Point Party

Last night we went out to Amy’s friend Nathans 30th Birthday party at Soho Lounge in Potts Point.

Lozza, Amy, Simone at Hugo’s Pizza

First off we went to Hugos Pizza on Bayswater Road, it was really good pizza but an one hour wait for a table was crazy.

Lozza, Amy, Simone and Stu at the Soho Lounge

I took a shot of Nathan getting Happy Birthday sung for him –

Nathan (in flowery shirt)

Without realising at the time, the dude with the glasses and long hair in the shot looked familar. Turns out Nathan is friends with Ben from Six Ounce Board Store, the best surfboard shop on earth, and where I got the green machine, Nathan got an egg board from the store for his birthday, sweet!

A few days ago Simone and Stu came over for a game of Monopoly and to drink some Argentinian Mate. It was good fun although I get too competitive.

Amy, Monopoly and Mate!

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