Paris Hilton Naked?

If you’ve arrived here hoping to see Paris Hilton naked, I am very sorry to disappoint you but you won’t find what you are looking for, it’s not my fault that you arrived here neither, so sorry.

I recently noticed that the usage logs for the homepage of had gone crazy, from the average 30 or so a day to just under 300 –

I thought maybe it was something to do with the recent include of the website on the Google Directory listed as ‘Life and times of Gary as he travels around the world and does things’ (nice one Google), but no, after checking the server logs something far more sinister was at work –

That’s right, for the past week or so it appears that if you do a search for ‘paris hilton naked‘ or ‘naked paris hilton‘ at google images is the number one result providing you use the default moderated image result setting. The page where the image appears is available here, from where you can follow the rest of the story.