One more immodium tablet...

Well I finally had to crack open the Immodium packet today, and I was doing so well I thought. Looks like its not possible to come here and not get ill. I will probably become used to the food at the end of the four weeks and then have to go through all these problems again when I have to get used to eating Australian food.

This weekend I spent most of the time by the pool trying to get some form of a suntan, it is very bizarre sitting by a pool in +30 degree heat at the start of March. I am actually missing seeing clouds, I honestly have not seen a single one in the sky since I got here! Next weekend I am planning on doing some hardcore tourist site visiting. I have had all the advice on where to go from a load of different people, so I should be able to just go to all the good places. My Microsoft SPV phone has finally given up working; the dust and temp. here must have killed it. Which is a shame as all my contacts were on that telephone, so I have virtually no ones phone number now – not a good situation to be in.

This is a picture looking into Delhi from the office. The bright white light on the horizon in the centre is National Highway 8, possibly the busiest road I have ever been on. Next to NH8 you can see the two huge office buildings, they have glass fronts and clean reflective windows and of course people living in poverty in shacks below.

This is some very naughty monkeys by the hotel swimming pool. As you can see mother monkey is keeping a lookout/eating some bread while the baby monkeys are having a swim/wash in the pool. We were in the swimming pool earlier (sharing a pool with monkeys is a sure fire way of getting Ebola I would have thought).

We then saw this peacock on the roof. We had no idea peacocks could fly, we ended up thinking that the naughty monkeys may have carried the poor peacock up there while he was asleep!

Here are Loes, Corne, Ilke and myself getting read to have an American Burger and chips in a restaurant. Corne says he may lend me his guitar for a few weeks while they are travelling around India coooooolllll!!!!!!

This is a video of outside the office, pigs and all…