NYE 2005 (and surfing)

Here we are in 2005! A few key dates for this year are –

  • January – Neeraj (Toni from India) married
  • February – Kyoto Protocol enters into international law
  • September – Karine and Mark married
  • That is all I can think of right now I am sure there’s more stuff than that. Anyway, Sue, Fanny, Cecile, Charmaine, Fisel, Nick and myself went to Cruise Bar in Circular Key for our NYE celebrations. It was very cool place to go, we were very lucky as we only got tickets two nights before. The only problem is we could not see the bridge from the bar. It was a short walk to go and see it but midnight seemed to creep up on me without realising so I did not get to see the bridge fireworks 🙁 That was ok though, because there was fireworks over the Opera House at midnight as well and they were very very good!

    Obligatory Fireworks

    Fisel, Charmaine, Nick, Sue and Cecile

    Fanny, Cecile, Myself and Charmaine outside Cruise Bar Circular Key

    I got the film of surfing off my Dad, so now I have some actual proof that I can surf (ok in the video the waves are about 1ft but that is not the point!!!) The audio in the video is from Elliott Smith, my album of the Year winner. So here is a video of NYE and me surfing –