NSW Heritage Plate Price Average 10 Years

NSW Heritage Plate Price Average 10 Years

10 Years of Auctions at Shannons shows the increase in cost of a 3, 4 and 5 digit Heritage Number plate in NSW.

Black and white heritage plates are from the 1910-1937 era of NSW car registrations, a simpler times when '1' was put on the first car registered, '2' on the second car etc.

You can only get these number plates now if they are handed down through families or bought at auction from either deceased estates or the RTA who make a small fortune selling ones that are no longer registered.

There's about a 3x return on these plates in the last 10 years if you were an investor -

Here's 662 on a car -

662 on a a Model T Ford maybe?

and here's a modern car with 670 -

670 on a 911 Turbo - probably first registered 1910-1912, 20 years before Porsche was even a brand.