now here is nowhere

I highly recommend listening to the album ‘now here is nowhere’ by The Secret Machines. I listened to it in HMV the other day and bought it off the back of just the first track, which is a nine minute epic.

My friend Matt wanted some help with getting started learning C# programming, so after helping him get started and telling him of my interest in learning to fly, the repayment was a trip up with him and his cousin in a plane over Sydney (as Matt is a pilot/taxi driver/budding programmer/surfer/bassist).

This is the bird we went up in –

I was surprised how close air traffic control communication is to that in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. We got permission from ATC to fly over the harbour, this is a picture of the approach into Sydney. You can see the Sydney skyscapers in the top left of the picture –

Here is Sydney from 2000ft –

After flying over Sydney we headed up the North shores to Palm Beach and then back down to Bankstown airport where we landed. This is the ‘surf’ on one of the beaches up the coast from Sydney –

Karin, Magnus and myself went to see The Libertines at the Gaelic Club, my favourite venue in Sydney and possibly the world. The band were cool and the crowd were going crazy, sometimes a little too crazy – I now have a huge bruise on my left leg! Here is the band in action –

Saturday night Michelle had a 70ies party, it was a dressing up occasion and a lot of fun and a lot of alcohol was being consumed. More pictures of the party here. Next day was brunch at Mike and Rach’s house, lovely!!!! Chris, Henry, Magnus, myself and Dan looking very 1975 –