North Steyne Dolphins

Yesterday morning saw a small glassy 1-2ft swell coming through Sydney area, I got up early in the morning with Amy and went down to for a morning surf to wake myself up for the rest of the day. The water temp was lovely, 4 other guys were out along with 8 dolphins! I told some early morning tourists that they were out there but they had already seen them. I paddled out and they were about 50ft away from us. The baby ones in the group were fully breaching the water, it was amazing to watch. Although to be honest it can be a bit freaky because the only reason they are there is because there’s food, so that means sharks are also probably out there eating the same stuff. I talked to one of the guys out there about the dolphins and how lucky we were to see them so close to the beach as I’d never seen them that close before.

The dolphin story was on the front cover of the Manly Daily this morning –

© ManlyDaily Photo: Brad Hunter

“A POD of dolphins delighted beachgoers at North Steyne yesterday with their presence indicating cleaner water and plentiful food supplies according to experts.

A group of eight cruised along the beachfront heading north early yesterday as a couple of fortunate board riders were on the spot to watch the spectacle up close.”

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