Nike 10K

Rach, Mike and myself did the Nike 10k ‘You’re the run that I want’ on Sunday night. After an initial ‘what have I got myself in for’ shock the run was actually fairly pleasant. Here are our results –

Name Gun Net Rachel DAY 1:04:58 1:00:25 NAME REDACTED1:04:591:02:27 Gary BREWER STEWARDS ENQUIRY

It looks like the little transponder thing we had to wear around our ankles failed to work for me. I knew they couldn’t be trusted, so I took my watch and timed it myself –

0:54:57 is what my net time should be, I’m fairly proud of that as it was my first ever ‘proper run’ I’ve ever done. I’d like to do it again and try and get it down in the 40ies although that would be tough. The best time of the day was sub-30 minutes which is just amazing.