Napoleon Dynamite

I saw a trailer for this film whilst in Vancouver. Keri recommended it as well so I purchased it over in Canada (where DVDs and CDs are very cheap). It is probably one of my most favourite films of all time.

You have to notice the tiny details. The film is heavy deadpan humour so if you don’t understand like that sort of comedy you won’t get it. Napoleon is the central character in the film however all the characters in the film play a big role, including Kip, Deb, Uncle Rico and Pedro. Nothing much really happens too quick in the film, Napoleon and Pedro ask girls out to the school dance, Pedro tries to become President of School Class and they also both go to a FAA competition (which comes in out of nowhere which just adds to the comedy of this film).

This film didn’t immediately seem cool, it took a second watch. This is because some of the humour is pretty hard to notice. If you see the film, watch out for when Uncle Rico throws the steak at Napoleon. Pedro rides off on his bike out of the shot in the funniest manner ever!

Here are some clips from the film for you to enjoy (they are in MOV format so you need Quicktime) –

Video 1 – “One gang wanted me to join them because I’m pretty good with a bow-staff”

Video 2 – “we talk on line for 2 hours now so I guess you could say its getting pretty serious”

Video courtesy of IGN. See the original article here with more video clips.