Myall Lakes Trip II

Amy returned safely from her trip around the world to be whisked away on a trip up to Myall Lakes! Simone and Stu came up with us to stay at the Myall Shores resort again (which is brilliant). We stayed in a lodge which had a spa bath right on the water front, it was very very nice –

Amy, Simone and Stu in the Villa

On the first morning the wind was still quite calm so I tested out my brand new radio controlled plane (a very cheap one as I am bound to break it). I couldn’t get it to fly though even though I gave it a good try –

Radio Controlled Plane Take Off / Crash

We had pancakes for breakfast that morning kindly bought by Simone and Stu, Amy had a go at cooking them –

It’s not that burnt Amy!

We took off in the morning and went for a run up some sand dunes, we also ran down them which was more fun as it didn’t take all the energy out of you (I collapsed half way up one and then starting sliding down again so was forced to continue). We didn’t take the camera on the dunes as sand gets absolutely everywhere! I still have loads in my pockets and shoes!!

I thought I would show the guys and gals how cool the new car was off road, so rather than risking it, I took it down the track that I went down last week. However, it didn’t go quite to plan as last time –


Kind of reminded me of my novice attempts at 4WD here. The guys behind were very helpful, I took a long run up and tried again, only to get stuck again as there was an oncoming vehicle! I thought it was a bit strange as I got everyone out the car, one of the dudes in the car infront gave me a push backwards. I noticed that not all the wheels were spinning. I checked the 4WD gear and gave it a little nudge forward, which actually put it in 4WD (the light was on the dash it just wasn’t fully in)!! So I was doing it all in 2WD, hence the reason I was getting stuck in easily to traverse places!

We took a visit to Seal Rocks where the wind was about 40 knots and the rain was hitting the car sideways. It was great fun driving in those conditions. Seal Rocks still looked really nice, there were some nice little waves coming in as well. One guy was out on a mal, I was considering going out myself, I watched water ripples which looked live a wave going towards the guy and sweep his board into the air!

We drove back through the rain and also through some non-rainy spots to the resort. This letter was awaiting us –

Living on the edge

The letter told us that food hampers were available from the shop and activities were available in the conference hall of the resort. It all seemed like a little bit of a money spinning scheme by the resort and were not surprised when the next day was spent doing things like this –

Stu swinging at Salamander Bay


Amy and me at Salamander Bay

We drove around Nelson Bay and had a nice lunch there at a cafe. We then had a quick look at the ocean (which was fairly wild) and then went to One Mile Beach which looking at it I’d say was approximately one mile long –

One Mile Beach

That was the end to a marvellous weekend, no surfing though which was ashame but that can wait for some nice calm waves and calm weather!