My Favourite Websites

I thought I would share a few of my favourite places to go on the internet –


I feel this one was a little obvious. All its main features are excellent and more useful than anything else out there – web/images/news/groups
Deviant Art is an art community. Everyone is an artist, I put all the pictures I take that I think are worth other people seeing here. You can browse the site and days will pass without you realising – /
Kinja aggregates your favourite blog sites and then puts them into a nice format for you to read, you could call it a ‘portal’. You can also share your blog list. /
Last FM is a plugin for Windows Media/Winamp that uploads the titles of the music you are listening to on your computer. Based on these names it keeps track of what you are listening to, recommends other artists and puts you in contact with your musical ‘neighbours’ who listen to similar sort of music you do. /
It is a bit geeky but I like it. /. is ‘news for nerds’.
This website won’t apply soon 🙁 but for the moment it makes / breaks my day. Live webcams from most of Australia’s surfing locations – what a great idea.
Pictures of aircraft sent in by people. Again a bit geeky but I find it interesting.
This website simply RULES!! I go here all the time to see what this guy is up to. It is crammed full of pictures/video and useful links!

There’s loads more I am sure