Merry Christmas!

If you didn’t know already, the seasons in the Southern Hemisphere are the opposite of the Northern Hemisphere so its currently winter! The moon also appears upside down but that is another story. Nancy organised a weekend in the Blue Mountains to celebrate Christmas, where we had a pretend Christmas day and lovely roast dinners and some delicious deserts.

Fallowfield Retreat, Leura Blue Mountains and MJ Tribute

The first day I picked up Amy from Leura train station as she had been away in China, whilst Amy was resting at home we all went into town and had lunch at a nice little coffee shop and had scones out of flower pots!

As the sunset the hot tub was fired up and Amy, Gail and Marcus went for a dip in the inviting water, here’s a shot of the tub and some vino –

Hot Tub and Vino

Christmas dinner was delicious and dessert was just as delicious, afterwards we retired to the living room and were surprised to see Santa had come round! He obviously wasn’t that busy what with it being July so it was nice to see him show up. It was ashame Marcus missed him arrive –

Santa Arrives to do Secret Santa!

We all swapped Secret Santa gifts, I was lucky enough to get Little Britain Abroad which was very funny. We  had a few more games of poker, put Bridget Jones’ Diary on the TV and ate more food and cheese, just like Christmas.

The next morning (Boxing Day) we walked the 50 meters to a lookout point, which turned out to be the same lookout point that Amy and I went to last year and took some pictures.

Windy at the Blue Mountains

A great weekend now we’re preparing for the trip to Singapore/UK/France coming out in a couple of days!