Melissa Auf Der Maur

Melissa Auf Der Maur

Well what an excellent gig! We arrived at about 19h15 and went straight in, there was two warm up bands, the second being a band called ‘minus’ that were heavy rock, they were pretty cool, they have an album coming out soon I believe.

It seems like a lifetime before Melissa and company came out. I saw through the curtains the group hugging each other before they came on, which was a nice touch. Oh, and Kim lighting a cigarette as she walked on stage.

The band went right into it and it was excellent! The venue was packed and everyone was rocking! I don’t have the album yet (it doesn’t come out until 1st March here) so I am finding it hard to remember the tunes. She did play, Real a Lie, My Foggy Notion, Taste You, Over Power You, Followed the Waves and a number of others, possibly the entire album.

Melissa confessed that she was persauded into doing the gig by NME, which I am glad they did. I think by the end of it the band were really into it, and the screams from Melissa for ‘Followed the Waves’ were perfect, as was her singing to ‘Over Power You’. At the end of Over Power you on the line “i will easily over power you” someone said “yeah, yeah” (probably a guy) I think Melissa heard it, she pointed and laughed!

I really think the music is excellent and really cool to rock to. Melissa and co. will go far I am sure of it!!

I managed to take one picture with some sense of focus –

I also managed to do a sneaky video that I have now removed as I was probably breaking the law.

Well its midnight, I will sleep with the music of the evening going around in my head!!!!

Rock On!!