Meets, Greets and Sections

After driving over to Charmaine’s house to get my old surf board and talk computers for a bit Faisel and myself headed over to Manly to meet Marcus and go for a little surf. It was a really nice day, the sun was shining and the waves were pretty ok. I had a try of my new fish board for the first time (apart from a go I had at Maroubra which was a non-verdict) and managed to catch one or two, on one ride I managed to get inside the cylinder section of the wave, which isn’t as good as it sounds because it was a close out and 1 second later was crushed beneath the mass of water above me! Although the view was good for that one second.

Marcus, Nancy, DJ and Fizzer

After the surf and a lot of sun, we met Nancy, Marcus’ girlfriend and headed to Oporto for some lovely fast food chicken based products!! (see above)

A nice day spent surfing with Marcus, Fizzer and DJ (Japanese backpacker in Fizzers hostel), looking forward to seeing Nancy and Marcus again when Amy arrives! On a side note, unlucky to hear Marcus snapped his board the following evening, at least I got to have a go on it before that happened!

Afterwards we drove to Woolloomooloo to say a quick hello to Mike and Rach in the East Sydney pub! It was a good catch up and great to see them again, as well as their new flat!

Me, Mike, Rach, Fizzer and DJ

Funny how in the same day I met the only people I have met in the “real” world that have regularly updated blogs [Marcus, Mike].

The next day I was so tired and my arms were aching from all the surfing and I have managed to get the obligatory air conditioning sinus problems, but Fizzer and me headed out anyway. We went to go to Freshwater beach but decided on Manly as it was a much nicer wave. I took my shortboard as the forecast was looking bigger than it actually was, however in hindsight I would have gone fish (like you care). Anyway my arms are still tired so did not catch much but it is good practice. I caught one nice left which opened up to be quite a nice little section to play with, I actually got dropped in on but too “stoked” to have a wall to mind. I also did the sweetest duck dive of my surfing career, when a larger set was about to break on me, I managed to go right under the wave without feeling any of its force but only hearing the thundering sound it made as it crashed down above me! The pengiun surfing population has also increased (mentioned in April 2005) as I saw them today in the surf and got very close to them (as they chased after fish).

Amy arrives in a few days time and I am looking forward to see her as I am missing her already!

That is it for the time being, peace out ‘stralia style!!!