Marcus' Stag

Last weekend we went to Boomerang Beach for a couple of days of nonchalance for Marcus’ Stag / Surf weekend. It was an extremely good trip with 8 of us in total. Six of us drove up in a people carrier that Marcus had hired from Budget. It was a good vehicle as it fitted us all in and was fairly comfortable to drive. The journey took us about six hours in total which included a few stops and the obligatory shopping/booze stop. Bobby felt sick the entire way but he’d had five drinks the night before and a dodgy pizza apparently.

When we got to the house we had rented it was fantastic and a short walk across the street to the beach. The surf wasn’t really going crazy but we managed to get out that afternoon and hoped for some decent waves to come for the rest of the weekend.

Marcus, Troy, Bobby and me Surfing at Boomerang Beach

That night we retired back to the house for a relaxing evening of a few beers and some guitar hero, which ended up being a bit of a theme.

Mark, Iain and Marcus on the Balcony Chillaxing

The next day the surf was not as good which was ashame as it made it very small indeed. I took my softie so I was able to catch the shore break and claim some waves which was good fun and a lot more exercise than I thought I’d get at the weekend.

That night we went into Foster, which was the main town. We couldn’t find anywhere open so we asked someone who said the “best place” (we think she meant only place) was Club Foster or something along those lines where the ladies choice of drink was a “Goon Sunrise” – so it was a classy joint to say the least but it was good fun and involved two shots too many of Sambuca.

Tom on Drums, Me on Guitar, Marcus on Guitar/Bass, Bobby on Vocals, Troy on Camera

There was another dimension to the weekend which isn’t on the blog (you can find some dodgy pictures on Flickr if you really want to look) because older people (35+) read this and they would be appalled but to give you a hint it involved chocolate sauce, girls, money and Boston and not necessarily in that order.